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Find Relief with Allergy Treatment in Fort Worth, Texas

Finding the right remedy to treat your allergies can be a nightmare. Over-the-counter medicines and even prescription-strength antihistamines do not always provide the relief you need. If you’re making multiple trips to the store to pick up over-the-counter medications, it might be time to look at some alternative options. At Expert ENT, we are not only able to determine which substances are causing your allergies but are also able to provide alternative allergy treatments in Fort Worth, TX. Our team can provide allergy drops and allergy injections to help eliminate your symptoms and prevent you from taking over-the-counter medicines that just aren’t working. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about this treatment option.

Visit Us for Allergy Evaluation, Testing, and Treatment

If you’re suffering from severe allergies that are inhibiting your daily life, it’s time to get care from a medical professional. Our doctor at Expert ENT, Dr. Fewins, is able to complete allergy evaluation and testing to determine what is causing your reaction. This thorough process ensures we pinpoint exactly what you are allergic to, so we can plan your treatment accordingly and find relief from your irritating symptoms. Depending on the nature of your allergies, Dr. Fewins will suggest treatment either by injection or drops. Both of these provide an alternative to over-the-counter medications.

Allergy Injections

For some types of allergies, you can train your body to become less allergic to the substance by using allergy injections. This process is a type of immunotherapy, in which the substance you are allergic to is injected into the body in increasing doses over time. The gradual increase of the allergen causes the immune system to become less sensitive to it, relieving your symptoms as time passes. Allergy injections are often recommended to individuals who suffer from allergies caused by multiple substances, as it’s a much easier way to control symptoms when compared to over-the-counter medications. Dr. Fewins is able to administer allergy shots at his office in Texas and will work to make the process as convenient as possible for every patient.

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How Allergy Drops Work

Another option in treating allergies is the use of sublingual drops that are administered orally. Once Dr. Fewins determines the causes of your allergic reactions, he will then prescribe a serum of drops to treat your specific allergies. All you have to do is place the prescribed number of drops under your tongue each day. The specialized cells beneath your tongue will absorb and deliver the medication to your immune system faster. Allergy drops are a great alternative to other forms of treatment for all of the following reasons:

  • Consistent: Since you take the drops on your own time, it’s much easier to stay on a regular schedule rather than trying to plan a doctor’s visit around your busy lifestyle. The drops help to ensure you won’t miss a dose and can always stay on track.
  • Effective: Over time, allergy drops can control your symptoms much better than over-the-counter medications. Many patients find they can decrease or completely eliminate their use of prescription allergy medications.
  • Convenient: These allergy drops mean fewer visits to your doctor. Unlike allergy shots, the drops don’t require a weekly visit to your doctor. You can take them at home instead.

Who Can Take Allergy Drops?

Allergy drops are safe for the treatment of allergies in all patients. This includes young children and adults. The treatments are especially helpful to individuals with a busy schedule or those who can’t tolerate needles. Patients with multiple allergies find this method to be an easy and convenient way to control their symptoms. If you have any questions about our allergy treatment in Fort Worth, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office.

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